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3 Secrets of an Effective Salesperson

By August 30, 2012All members

3 Secrets of an Effective Salesperson

Effective SalespersonWhat makes an effective salesperson ? As some of you know, I belong to Toastmasters, and often do speeches there on a variety of topics. The other week, I did a speech about ‘the effective salesperson’, which seemed to hit the spot, so hopefully, you will find it useful too.

There is lots of stuff written about the key success factors in selling, but they all boil down to these:

Focus on the buyer. It’s very easy to get so enthusiastic about your products, services or even your ideas, that you forget about that very crucial person – the customer or buyer. Unless you understand fully what they need, what they want, how will you ever be able to persuade them that you have the right solution? This means doing research, asking open questions, truly listening to the answers and caring about what they really, really want.

Radiate credibility. We’ve all been to high street shops and encountered sales people who appear to know nothing about what they have to sell. They’ll refer you to the brochure or wander off because they can’t be bothered. How does this make you feel? You should know what your products can do, how to use it, what competitive products there are and how yours are better.

Create value You might think you have the greatest product, service or ideas in the world, but if they don’t meet your customers needs, those customers won’t buy them. You need to demonstrate that you understand your customers needs, and show how your product etc. will fullfill those needs. This doesn’t mean beating them into submission, but explaining to them, clearly and courteously, what value you will bring to their needs.

Easy really!

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