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Marketing systems and processes – the key to success

By May 18, 2012July 16th, 2012All members

The components of successDo you cast your marketing messages into the void and wait for an echo?

Are you constantly looking for new business and ignoring dormant customers?

Do you have a written marketing plan, including a promotional mix schedule for the year ahead?

Do you keep all of your contacts in one place?

Do you have a system for following up every sales lead and opportunity?

It’s easy to go networking, attract a few followers on the social networks, send out the occasional newsletter and respond to random referrals.

We can all keep busy throughout the day. Frenetic activity can become reassuringly addictive.

It takes discipline to follow procedures and systems. To a large extent, this approach is dull and boring. But it works.

Time and time again I meet brilliant people who are following their own star. They are multi-talented, original thinkers. They are also as poor as a church mouse. They don’t like to be constrained by boring systems. They don’t believe in sales or marketing processes.

I also meet many people who are happy to follow a well laid out path to success. Like successful sports professionals, they know that they have to get up early in the morning and follow a regime.

They spend an hour a day writing, which feeds their blog, newsletter and social media campaigns. They take the time to add contacts to their CRM (Customer Relationship Management system). They study technicalities such as SEO, copywriting and professional selling. They fill their diary with customer meetings. They follow a system.

How about you – do you think that you might get better results if you followed marketing systems and processes, such as Navigator membership of The Marketing Compass?

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