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The benefits of business blogging

By May 29, 2012July 16th, 2012All members

copywritingRegular blogging brings numerous benefits. To begin with, the act of writing puts your ideas in order. Whatever your reason for blogging, you will find that writing a few hundred words in a coherent fashion makes you think. Which is no bad thing, in a busy world.

Blogging may lead to a book

Many novelists began by blogging. As their ideas take shape within their daily blog, an idea for a book may be born. A book is a great promotional device for a business. The challenge for many of us is getting started, as writing 20,000+ words for a book is daunting. The largest project can be broken down into small tasks. Writing a couple of hundred words is easy. It’s surprising how those words can quickly add up.

The SEO benefits of blogging

For independent professionals, business owners and marketers, a blog can attract the search engines. I am often asked, during my internet marketing seminars, if it is OK to have an external blog – for example by using WordPress, Blogger or Typepad. I reply that this is fine, as it will get you started. You can create your own blog within minutes and get writing. If you do this, don’t forget to include a link back to your website within each blog entry (by the way, don’t always point at your homepage).

However, in my experience, it is better to embed your blog within your own website (as we have done, within The Marketing Compass website). The primary reason being that, every time you write, you will be increasing the size of your website. In general terms, larger websites attract more traffic (think of Amazon and the BBC for example).

Use keywords within your blog

I recommend that you work with a list of keywords when you blog. Ensure that you include your keywords within your blog entries.

Feeding your newsletter

Another benefit is that your blog can feed your newsletter. If you publish a newsletter, I am sure that you have had that sinking feeling: “On no! What am I going to write about this time?” Well, if you blog once a week and publish your newsletter once a month, you will have the choice of four stories. You can of course expand, join together and edit your blog entries for use within your newsletter.

A blog makes your social media life more interesting

A regular blog gives you something to ‘big up’, as the younger people say, within the social media platforms. Having published your blog, don’t forget to let your followers, fans and contacts know within the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. (And The Marketing Compass!)

Blending in product announcements, offers and incentives

Popular blogs provide relevant, useful and interesting information to their readers. Once you have built up your readership, it’s OK to weave in some information about your products and services. However, if your blogs are simply sales platforms, they will not succeed.

Blogging improves your writing skills

Finally, the more frequently you blog, the better your writing skills will become. Writing is a key marketing communication skill. An improvement in your technical writing skills will bring considerable benefits to your business, your brand and your bank account.

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