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Press release ideas

By April 25, 2012July 16th, 2012All members

journalistIs your business appearing regularly in the media? If not, we recommend that you start to send out press releases every month. Here are a few press release ideas & topics, to get you started:

* Surveys (the media loves them!)

* New product and new service announcements

* Product / service upgrades

* Unusual product applications / uses

* Customer wins (either a big win, or a cluster of wins)

* Trends and forecasts (crystal ball gazing is a media favourite)

* Staff news (joiners, leavers, interesting things they have done)

* Events, including seminars, exhibitions etc

* Public speaking engagements

* Awards and certifications

* Anniversaries

* Tie-in with current news event

* Commenting on media coverage

* Launch of white paper / positioning statement

* Significant milestone (XXX customers etc)

* Financial results

* Marketing innovation, i.e. customer segment focused website

* Launch of customer education programme

* Restructuring a part of your business

* Joint ventures, strategic partnership, alliances etc

* Charity tie-in

* Changes in pricing (especially reductions)

* Launch of a customer group / user group

By all means ask us some questions about PR, & for more press release ideas via our webiste. (Nigel Temple, CEO of The Marketing Compass, ran a PR agency for nine years!)

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