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Is your website mobile friendly?

By April 2, 2012July 16th, 2012All members

mobile searchWeb enabled mobile phones are great aren’t they? You can use them to check directions, weather, emails and websites on the go. According to the BBC, over 45% of mobile phone users regularly use the internet on the move.

So the big question is: Is your website mobile friendly?

* 1.2 billion mobile webs users worldwide – many of these only use the mobile web
* 8.49% of global website visits in 2011
gesture searchvoice search* Smartphones are only a fraction of web enabled phones
* Mobile searches quadrupled in last 12 months alone
* $3.3 billion spent worldwide on mobile advertising in 2011 – Estimated to increase to $20.6 billion worldwide  a year by 2015
* 300,000 mobile apps developed in the last three years – with over 10.9 billion downloads in that period
* M-Commerce (mobile commerce) expected to reach $119 billion worldwide per year by 2015
* 71% of 16 – 24 year olds use mobiles to access the internet as their main device
* 24 – 36 years olds largest proportion of users buying directly off mobile phones

google goggles 2As the M Commerce market grows, there’s lots of different ways to search for what you’re looking for, including:

* Search by typing
* Voice search
* Gesture search (drawing letters, symbols or pictures)
* Image search i.e. Google Goggles


If you’re not sure if your website is mobile friendly or would like to talk to us about building a new website that is mobile friendly, email us.

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