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The praise sandwich

By February 11, 2012July 16th, 2012All members

Here’s a short story about the praise sandwich, which can help motivate your team…

karen kimberley

Karen Kimberley

Karen Kimberley has been a member of our community for several years. Her marketing strapline is: ‘Changing people inside’ – which I have always liked. Karen helps large companies with communications workshops, confidence training and coaching.

Karen has shared many helpful ideas with me. One of my favourites is The Praise Sandwich. Here is a Tweet which I have just sent out to my 11K+ Followers:

When giving feedback, use “The Praise Sandwich”: Praise – Constructive Criticism – Praise. @kkimberley

All too often, we hurt each others’ feelings by being too direct. The client offends the supplier. The manager succeeds in making the staff member clam up and stop asking questions. The boss wonders why nobody comes up with creative ideas.

IMHO The Praise Sandwich should be taught in Primary schools. It should be displayed in large lettering on giant posters in offices. It should be etched into watch straps, printed on the back of business cards and chanted at football matches.

The next time you are giving feedback, remember:

The Praise Sandwich


If you have any more question about the praise sandwich, just ask!

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