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Tinternet marketing signposto what extent is the internet embedded within your business model? Within The Marketing Compass, our members include a number of e-commerce businesses; so their answer would be: “100%”. For the rest of us, the answer will range from “hardly at all”, to “significantly.”

Do you see your website as an online brochure or as a way to build brand awareness, create customer engagement and build deeper relationships? Clearly, making more sales is important – however – you are more likely to sell more if you begin with the preceding items.

How about the social networks? Do you have strategic SMO* objectives? Do you integrate your SMO activities with the rest of your promotional mix?

With regards to SEO**, do you have an alphabetical list of keywords for easy reference? Do you update this list frequently? Do you use these words and phrases both within your website and outside of it (i.e. within social media status updates)?

Take the use of Twitter as an example. Twitter can drive traffic to your website, help you to build your opt-in newsletter list and generate sales enquiries. However, this won’t happen if the underlying thinking isn’t in place, in terms of your business model and SMO strategy. If you are using Twitter for business purposes, Tweet about customer issues, needs and solutions (not about what’s happening on TV). In marketing, everything must line up and be congruent. In this case, someone who is Tweeting regularly with useful, helpful, relevant and informed information about their professional knowledge will attract a significant following of interested people (i.e. potential customers).

I wish you well with your strategic thinking and internet marketing!

* SMO: Social Media Optimisation
** SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

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