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Dylis Guyan

Dylis is a Sales and Sales Management Consultant, Sales Coach and Professional Speaker.

Cut her in two and she has sales and sales management running through her like a stick of rock. It is what she has done for the past 25 years. She has increased sales performance by 400% for many of her clients

She works with Companies, Sales People and the Professional Self-Employed, helping them to increase sales revenue by:

* Overcoming the effect the downturn in the economy is having on your  thinking and actions.
* Discovering how to overcome your biggest business obstacles.
* Improving your conversion rates from contact to sale
* Increasing average sale values
* Discover how to mine for the gold in your existing customer base
* Get referrals and reduce time spent cold calling
* Identify what your customers really want. It is no longer just features and benefits.
* Differentiate yourself from the competition by having a strong value proposition
* Shorten your sales cycle by using a sales process that really works
* Give you strategies that will overcome those derailing objections, especially the price issue
* Increase the lifetime value of your clients

If you want to Increase Your Sales Revenue then here’s how to get started, go to and look at the options.

* Subscribe to the FREE bi- weekly e-zine full of sales tips and strategies and receive your free “Bonus” report.
* Book your place at the next workshop
* Sign up for your free “Coaching Consultation”.
* Bring Dylis into your Company to deliver tailored training, which is full of up to date sales strategies that really work.
* Invite Dylis to speak at your next sales meeting or conference. She will share fresh ideas in a highly motivational style, giving people the ideas and motivation to “Increase their Sales in 30 Days”

Mob: 07850 547423
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