Would George Osborne be proud of Julie Woods and what she has achieved?

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From homelessness with three children to a successful business

Navigator member Julie Woods is the Managing Director of Mystic Charms, the mind, body and spirit e-tailer www.mysticcharms.co.uk. Before becoming a successful business woman, Julie was made homeless with three children. She was also diagnosed with a rare debilitating medical condition and survived brain surgery – followed by meningitis. Rather than continue to accept state benefits, Julie launched her first business with no knowledge of how to run a business or work for herself. She is currently hiring staff, working a seven day week and launching Mystic Parties – a party plan business.

Because of poor health, Julie had to work from home. She knew that many other people were in similar circumstances. “I began to think ‘if I can’t work for someone else, then I shall have to make my own work!’ and I started to research a way of earning money working from home. It needed to be something that would allow me to rest and take time off when my health dictated, but also something that I could really throw myself into. It would also have to require minimum set-up costs, as I had no savings left.

“The idea and the name for Mystic Charms™ came to me when I was asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote the idea down. From that day on, I was consumed with this sudden passion which continues to wake me up at 3:00am with new ideas even now. Not once has it left me. It is a passion that has helped me overcome all of the challenges that I have faced.”

“Through Mystic Charms™ I have met numerous lovely, helpful people. Many have told me that they too have an illness or disability that keeps them at home. When they found Mystic Charms™ and read my story they were inspired to have a go themselves.

“Due to the success of the business, we are now launching Mystic Parties – with a 30 page full colour brochure that is costing over £10,000 to produce. We hope that this business helps even more people to make money, improve their self esteem and give their lives a greater sense of purpose.”