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    Writing for the Web tips and ideas https://goo.gl/WbGMsc

  • One of our members was asking about social media comments and how to monitor them. We recommended https://hootsuite.com
    In an ideal world, this would be displayed on a separate monitor / computer. It is free if you only need to monitor say LinkedIn or Twitter and there is a monthly charge for monitoring up to 10 social media…[Read more]

  • Do you ever find it hard to remain positive, enthusiastic and motivated towards your future business success? There are times when sales are down, your energy levels are low and the world seems to be conspiring against you.

    During the 30 years that I have been running my own business, I have seen numerous ups and downs. Booms and busts, low and…[Read more]

    • Hi Nigel
      Thanks for this and for your wisdom and kindness: it’s so needed. I was thinking recently that there might be a need for a group in MC called ‘spirituality and business’. So much business and social media advice out there is very ‘whizzy’. It’s like saying you can and must plant your potatoes (goods) at any time and if you get it right…[Read more]

    • Hi Margi, What an interesting idea. Would you like me to set this group up for you? Kind regards, Nigel PS Thank you for your kind words.

    • I admire your virtue: I’m afraid that I am more mercurial. When the wind blows in the right direction I race, when it is flat I chill. This way I only spend a small amount of my time being the victim of my own expectations. Don’t worry if your light does not shine everyday, introspection and feeding off the energy of others is good for the soul.

    • Interesting. There are lots of things I could/should do better, admin wise. but my passion for my work is always paramount. On Saturday, I had finally been sent the logo for a show, from the graphic designer who designed the poster, I was working on in a layered form, so that I could do some simple animation and tricks. I doodled on the laptop on…[Read more]

    • I have noticed that the amount of interest shown in my business by prospective customers is proportional to the amount of “stuff” I output. I mean blog posts, LinkedIn updates, new web pages, email updates etc,
      However, it is definitely harder to find the physical and mental energy to do the basics when you’re feeling lower than a rattlesnake’s…[Read more]

    • Thank you Nigel, it’s not always easy to focus on what perhaps needs to be done, especially with so many distractions competing for attention. Having the mental strength and belief in what you are doing undoubtedly helps. I agree, physical fitness certainly contributes towards mental capacity. A book I read recently, helped me change my…[Read more]

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    Hi Nigel,
    Progress report on 5 a day mailing
    May I offer some comment and numbers on my 5 a-day mailing programme?
    1. It made me quickly realise that the majority of my past invoices were to a local magazine client, who is no longer in operation.
    2. Although 5-a-day sounds easy, it takes a bit of work to update the mailing list, each mailing text…[Read more]

    • With regards to the 5 a day, well done and keep up the good work. How about LinkedIn contacts?

    • Hi Nigel Thanks for your encouragement. Still need to win business. Regards Raymondo

    • Understood. As I know you know, sales is a a numbers game. The greater the number of messages, the higher the chances of success. Which makes me think of Babe Ruth who had the record for the greatest number of home runs and also the greatest number of strike outs. “I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can”. –Babe Ruth

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    I have not sent out regular email newsletters for some time but do have a lot of email correspondence and email addresses. I have also farmed the emails from my social media contacts. I am inclined to make my first email a brief intro together with a statement as to why I have their email address and stressing their rights to unsubscribe.Is this…[Read more]

    • Yes, bearing in mind that the strict GDPR legislation comes into force next May (big fines!)

    • Just to add that the conundrum is: “How to get contacts to opt in?” If MailChimp (or other similar providers) question an account holder, they will look to see whether subscribers have been imported / manually added or whether they have opted in via a contact form on your website.
      It is a good idea to offer new subscribers a bonus for opting in…[Read more]

    • I have added in names to a Mail Chimp list before but I have done it progressively using new lists of 50 and only adding the positives to the main list. Given what you have said, although Mail Chimp seem to tolerate this, I am inclined to use the bcc approach in small numbers with a gift to opt inners.

    • Yes, that sounds sensible. By the way, it is best to have one list within MailChimp.

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  • I was advised to capitalise all the SEO titles on my site – easy enough to do but there are quite a few of them!
    This is done on a page-by-page basis in the Yoast plugin at the foot of the page.

    This would be noticed in two main places; first in any organic search results that are displayed by Google and secondly when a mouse pointer is hovered…[Read more]

    • Personally, I don’t do this as I always feel that upper case text is shouting. In addition, upper case is just a little bit harder to read than lower case.

    • Ah, my mistake Nigel – I didn’t make myself clear.
      When I said “capitalise” I meant just the first letter of each word – not the whole phrase.
      I think that makes a big difference to the question and the answer!

    • Hi Phil, Ah Ha (or AH HA, even!) Yes, that makes sense however, for my part, I think that I am happy to stay with lower case. Is the idea to make the Title Tags stand out?

    • That;’s right – in some opinions a title needs to be bold and have each word start with a capital letter – personally I also prefer lower case
      I shall leave well alone

  • I was reading something on the MailChimp site that suggested re-sending an email to all those that didn’t open it first time around.
    The up-side is that your open rate improves, while on the flip side you may get a few unsubscribes from the list.
    Does anyone implement this? Any comments, warnings?

    • We often discuss this feature during my monthly MailChimp training workshop in central London. The consensus is that it is worth giving this a go. You are quite right, the open rate for the campaign in question will go up (by as much as 50%). On the other hand, you will get some unsubscribes during the second bite of the cherry. However, these…[Read more]

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    PS I forgot (!) to include the proposed new website wording:


    Home page
    clicks to:

    Our clients appreciate the simplicity of understanding how we deliver comprehensive care and advice to them through the following straightforward services:
    • One off initial complimentary Strategy hour
    •…[Read more]

    • The copy describes what you do but not what you deliver. I suggest that you include at least one benefit statement within each description. (Think benefits with regards to nav bar wording, page headlines and body copy).

    • Morning Nigel

      Thank you for your prompt feedback:
      – I have added a ‘benefit’ to each product.
      – I thought I had given each of my ‘products’ a brand by naming the product. Have I missed your point about this?!
      – I have turned the ‘click here’ link into an anchor text phrase to click. I googled anchor text – thanks!

      See below for revised wording.…[Read more]

    • Here is some feedback for you (in upper case but I am not shouting):
      – I thought I had given each of my ‘products’ a brand by naming the product. Have I missed your point about this?!

    • Great Nigel – this feedback is REALLY helpful! How do i find “Navigator News” please?
      Thanks. David

    • Sorry, David – I was referring to The Marketing Compass email newsletter. I have just checked within MailChimp and you are on the list and are a four start subscriber. 🙂 PS Within your email system you could search for: Navigator News From The Marketing Compass

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    Hello Nigel

    You have suggested (correctly!) a few times now that I should have (and sell) ‘products’ which I think for me are:

    • One off initial complimentary Strategy hour
    • Monthly Mentoring of owner managers
    • Half-day Facilitation workshops
    • Three or six month Package of initial support with targeted objectives
    • Specific Consultancy p…[Read more]

    • Yes, productising services is a good idea and I have been using this approach for many years. I recommend that you create brand names for each product. Within the product URLs ensure that you cross link using anchor text links (Google friendly!) I like the idea of the checklist page. Within Navigator News I described a way of building explainer…[Read more]

    • Thanks Nigel – I have replied via your other reply to me. 🙂

  • @peterbakervoiceover1gmail-com Hi Peter, Welcome to The Marketing Compass. It’s great to have a professional voice artist as part of our community. Kind regards, Joanna

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    Nigel, I am now linked to a high street bank and met with a business development manager (Bill) for an area who works with SMEs (up to £2m) to promote new business and support existing customers. I think he has 3,000 existing clients in his patch which has three distinct geographical areas (i.e. three towns). He would like to work with me to…[Read more]

    • Hi David, Here is a slightly edited version. Kind regards, Nigel
      PS I have delivered several presentations for banks in the past; in my experience, they don’t offer fees to presenters. The principle is sound, i.e. using Alliance Marketing Partners and connecting with their customers and contacts. I suggest that you find a reason to collect…[Read more]

    • Thank you Nigel – I have used your revision – much appreciated. David

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    I’ve written a new Blog ‘Having a voice to speak for the Feminine’ @ http://www.consciousfeminine.org/blog/
    Hi Nigel, I agree with you about August. It’s a good time for contacting people.

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    Hi Nigel, How do I upload a spreadsheet with contact details to mail chimp? Regards, Grant

    • Firstly, save the spreadsheet as a .CSV file. Then:
      1. Navigate to the Lists page.
      2. Click the drop-down menu next to the list you want to work with, and select Import.
      3. Choose “.CSV”
      4. Browse and choose the file from your computer.
      Note that you can also copy and paste directly from a spreadsheet, however, personally I find that this is…[Read more]

  • Hi Nigel, Just to confirm I have started my 5 a Day mailings to past clients – 2 days at 5 mailings and one day at 1 (getting started). May I comment that it is more effort than first perceived because one has carefully to tailor make each e-mail to the person approached. No responses yet but will advise progress. Regards and thanks for the…[Read more]

    • Thank you for letting me know. Yes, I agree that the research does take time – but it is worth it. I know that you are keeping records of the people that you are contacting. Keep up the good work and let us know how you get on!

    • Just checking: how is the 5 a day programme coming along? Are you find plenty of people to talk to? Any responses yet?

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    What is the latest advice on business Facebook pages?

    • There are quite a few tabs – ensure that you click around and fill everything in. It will ask if you want to tell your contacts about the page: this is a good idea. Post regularly via the page, including your blogs. Please let us know the the URL when it goes live.

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    If you use WordPress, version 4.8.1. has just been released. It is a good idea to update your site for security reasons.

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