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    @penrynian Hi Phil, Further to our NavigatorPlus telephone conversation this month, here is the list of promotional techniques that you are using: website, SEO, blogging, newsletter, LinkedIn, calling clients / people who have made an enquiry, Google AdWords, videos (2), exhibitions, business cards, PDF brochure, press releases. [Have I missed…[Read more]

    • Hi Nigel, yes I think you got the list about right.

      If I have anything to say I usually follow this process;
      1. Write a blog post and put it on the website
      2. Promote the blog post by tweeting an update and posting on Facebook
      3. Create a new post on my LinkedIn time line that links to the blog post
      4. Do the same within each of the dozen-or-so…[Read more]

    • Thanks for this, Phil. I will have a think and get back to you.

    • Hi Phil, In broad terms you can either do more of what you are currently doing, or you can try new things. For example, with regards to blogging, you could:
      * Offer AMP (Alliance Marketing Partners*) a guest blog post.
      * Blogs on the same topic areas could become chapters within an e-book.
      * As opposed to a text blog, you could try video…[Read more]

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    It is better to have a smaller, engaged, email marketing list than a huge list that is largely disinterested. A system like MailChimp reveals a great deal of information about your subscribers, including the things that they are really interested in learning more about. How large is your list? How often do you send them emails? What is / isn’t…[Read more]

    • c. 500 subscribers on my list, a mailing every 4-5 weeks (mostly), each month one or two unsubscribe but others subscribe to replace them! General communications achieve a 50% open rate, with 10-20% clicks. Targeted groups within the list are smaller in number but higher %’s as would be expected! When asked questions via email / social media, in…[Read more]

    • I think that it would be good to increase the number of subscribers on your list. Could you please let me know the different places that they can subscribe?

    • Yes, it would, obviously there is the newsletter page, a few links around the site to direct them to this page, e.g. to receive course and event date announcements, especially when an event is fully booked, and as mentioned I direct them to this page via email replies to enquiries. Also, in my email signature “Get David’s Newsletter to receive d…[Read more]

    • I will send you a MailChimp guide containing a list of ‘signup’ ideas, David.

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    Hi Nigel. Is it possible, wthin MailChimp, to get a report showing how/where subscribers read our mailing – e.g., from their mobile device, desktop, etc.? Many thanks, Jayne

    • Hi Jayne, Go to Lists. To the right of each list name is a little button marked ‘Stats’. Click on this and scroll down the screen to find the information that you are after. I hope that this helps. Kind regards, Nigel

    • Thank you Nigel. Got it!

    • Wow, 65% of my subscribers read my news on a mobile, compared with %55 of visitors to my website doing so from a mobile or tablet – certainly keeps you focused on ensuring ease of readability on mobile devices!! And perhaps to some extent, maybe this can be used to time delivery for when reading news may be convenient e.g. for reading on the way…[Read more]

    • The stats function is quite amazing in the detail it provides. I always assumed that most of my recipients would open on a desktop/laptop as opposed to a phone or other mobile device. My assumption was based on the customer avatar that I envisaged, i.e. I operate in a B2B environment, lots of my contacts are fairly senior people in IT, generally…[Read more]

  • Pondering the next post for my blog, a story or a how to? A picture or two placed on Instagram, with a relevant hook seems to generate a significant % increase in website traffic, as does following this with a mail shot with a link to the post using MailChimp, then normal volumes of website traffic resume! I can here the marketing voice of a…[Read more]

    • Think about blog posts between now and Christmas, David. What could you write about? Imagine a Venn Diagram, with different topics dropping into different circles. For example: customer stories; different services that you offer; trends; benefits; working with 3rd party organisations etc. All of this reminds me that you writing a book – so another…[Read more]

    • I like this, a Venn diagram, yes that’s a cool idea – I’ll clear some space on my white-board! Thank you

  • Hi Nigel, Following your kind advice about strategic repositioning to concentrate on photography for business (inc Show Business People), I have drafted a repositioning statement and action. Any comment will bewelcome:

    Raymond Marks Photography – Shift in Strategic Positioning (Draft No1 15/6/18) for comments from Nigel Temple)

    Strap line…[Read more]

    • Here is my feedback (including edits within the text):
      Strap line (will be headline in website)
      Raymond Marks photographer of choice for people in business and show business – look good as you should
      Raymond Marks photographer of choice for business and show business – look as good as you sho…[Read more]

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  • Nigel, how would I go about starting a Public Speaking/Presentations Group?

  • Hello Nigel, we’re looking to improve our website views – what’s the best way of checking key phrases now – is Google Analytics still the way to do it? tvm

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    Marketing tip: Consistency is important with marketing and it can become part of your brand. Promoting yourself in consistent, repeating patterns is a message in its own right. For example, showing up within the social media platforms of your choice and always ‘being there’, would be an example of this approach.

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    The more promotional techniques you use, the better your results. How many methods are you using to promote your business? For example website, SEO, social media, newsletters. Tell me and I will provide some feedback for you.

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    I am using Fast Secure Contact Form for WordPress. In the past two weeks BTinternet where my domain email is directed to, has started bouncing as Spam. (Even my test sends).Odd/disturbing things have been written about a change of ownership etc of the plugin but it was working fine in early May.. Any recommended alternatives that BTinternet wont…[Read more]

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