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  • Nigel Temple posted an update in the group Group logo of WordPressWordPress 14 hours, 29 minutes ago

    If you have a WordPress website, try to minimise the number of plugins, as they can slow down your site down when it loads. How many plugins do you have? If you want some feedback, just ask.

  • Design Kit is a new tool I have come across.
    Has anybody used it ?

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  • Ruth H posted an update in the group Group logo of MailChimpMailChimp 2 days, 10 hours ago

    I’m having problems with the Sign Up form I have in Mailchimp. It’s worked for years, nothing has changed but suddenly people are saying they are not getting the confirmation email and so so are not going into the list, also the short sign up doesn’t work anymore and the error says ‘please enter value’. Anyone else having issues? I don’t get…[Read more]

    • Hi Ruth, May I ask whether you are referring to the form in the footer area of this website:
      I think that you have a WordPress website?
      If it is WordPress, it may be a plugin problem.
      If you have a website developer, I suggest that you ask them about this.
      If not, please let me know, via this thread.

    • Thanks so much Nigel. I’ve updated plugins and it’s still not working so I’ll contact my web developer. It’s weird, as if on the short sign up button it isn’t recognising an email address. And then for the full form, it seems to work but the potential member isn’t getting the confirmation email.

    • Can you please tell me the name of the plugin that you are using? (I suggest that you check the plugin settings, by the way).

  • Chris T posted an update in the group Group logo of Strategy and PlanningStrategy and Planning 3 days, 7 hours ago

    Here is my current status regarding marketing activities:
    1. List of Keywords compiled
    2. In the process of writing new pages based on those keywords
    3. Blog post published every week
    4. Web copy, reviewed capitalisation on all web pages, in the process of reviewing all web copy using Yoast and Grammarly, and trying to structure with small words,…[Read more]

    • Hi Chris, That is quite a list and well done! I think that SEO is important as it brings people to you who are in the market to buy. I have found that SEO is long term investment and I chip away at my SEO every week.
      In a similar vein, effective websites are works in progress: not finished paintings.
      Keep a close watch on the MailChimp stats and…[Read more]

    • Hi, Nigel, that’s very welcome advice thank you, and yes, of course, please use my words as a testimonial.

  • Nigel Temple posted an update in the group Group logo of CopywritingCopywriting 3 days, 17 hours ago

    What do you want your customers (past, present and future) to remember about you?
    Is there one word or a short phrase that you would like them to recall, when they think of you?
    What is that word or phrase?
    It is important to have a central key message for your brand.
    You can then have a handful of other messages.
    Don’t have dozens of messages as…[Read more]

    • For me it has always been “Personal Prompt Service”.
      Whilst during lockdown and for the foreseeable future, filming is not on the agenda, workwise I have had a good lockdown. Video and even Cine transfers have been prolific as people “finally got round to doing it” and many have come from and/or generated more word of mouth referrals.
      With the…[Read more]

    • Hi Nigel
      I’m sure you will recall a short phrase that we worked on together some years ago, well I’m still using “Top Sailors Choose Hikingbench™”
      This short phrase sits at the top of every webpage and is also used for magazine adverts. I like to think this makes my customers feel special every time they exercise on their Hikingbench!
      I think its…[Read more]

    • Hi David Strelitz @infodsvp-uk Thanks for your response. Yes, I am a big believer in personal service. The challenge with this is that most businesses claim to offer excellent service, so it is not a differentiator. With regards to your Video transfer service, how can you sum this up in one line, so that you stand out from the competition?

    • Hi David Page @david-page Yes, I remember: “Top Sailors Choose Hikingbench™” and this is a strapline + key message all rolled into one. There has been a lot of research about social acceptance: we like to do what other people do, so what you say is true. My question is: in how many places are you using the strapline (beyond the ones that you men…[Read more]

    • Hi Nigel
      I do use this phrase on a flyer that I put inside my other product the Rigtube, and on social media but I probably need to look sideways………….my first thought is revise product label to include “Top Sailors Choose Hikingbench™” and on the box used to send it to the customer.

    • “how can you sum this up in one line, so that you stand out from the competition”?
      Gosh that’s a tough one because I shy away from “that which would not get though Clearcast” the TV advertising clearance body. I never want to mislead anyone. I see outrageous claims regarding quality enhancement etc, that can neither be substantiated or are true or…[Read more]

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  • A suggestion for information share, how to use my most trusted on linked in affectively. Perhaps they would sponsor your call Nigel ?

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  • William Nicholls posted an update in the group Group logo of Social Media StrategySocial Media Strategy 1 week ago

    One other product I have discovered recently which is free called
    excellent for logo creation

  • William Nicholls posted an update in the group Group logo of PromotionPromotion 1 week ago is perfect for making cartoon style business presentations with a free trial.
    Also circle loop telephony has an automatic recording feature with a link for every call I make or receive.
    After Nigel’s last call I realised I can create telephone conversations to sell product, copy the link and use it in Blogs and mailchimp campaigns…[Read more]

  • William Nicholls posted an update in the group Group logo of Professional SellingProfessional Selling 1 week ago

    Here are the APPs I have used for many years with great success.

    These are the Apps we discussed on Nigels recent call

    Educreations is a Lecturing and teaching tool, but its excellent for explaining
    more complex products for sale.
    Imovie for really dramatic blockbuster Movie style film templates.

  • Margi Ross posted an update in the group Group logo of PromotionPromotion 1 week, 2 days ago

    HI Nigel, Thanks so much for the video course. You’ve given me the information I needed to make the videos I need and saved me lots of time researching the choices and the latest info. Best Wishes Margi

  • Nigel Temple posted an update in the group Group logo of PromotionPromotion 1 week, 4 days ago

    PR is a great way of generating brand awareness. Sending out press releases, talking to journalists and placing articles are tried and tested PR techniques.
    The result can be consistent media coverage, which can do wonders for your business.
    You have to come up with story ideas, write for the media and do something every month.
    Writing…[Read more]

  • Phil Whitting – FalTech GPS posted an update in the group Group logo of PromotionPromotion 2 weeks ago

    Google just credited my Ads account with a £65 goodwill gesture.

    “We know that businesses of all sizes have been facing unique challenges as a result of COVID-19, and we also understand that many of these businesses continue to rely on Google Ads to help them reach their customers As a gesture of support, we’ve funded eligible accounts with an ad…[Read more]

    • Yes, I received the same message (although I do not use AdWords, but I have an account). Every little helps….

  • Margi Ross posted an update 2 weeks ago

    HI Nigel, I have joined Zoom and tried to respond to a meeting set up by a friend yesterday. No luck. I just checked and my membership is with Zoom us. How do I find the Zoom uk site? If that’s what I need! Thanks Margi

  • Margi Ross posted an update in the group Group logo of The Marketing CompassThe Marketing Compass 2 weeks ago

    HI Nigel, I’m confused about Zoom. Is there a Zoom uk site? Or is it just Zoom us? Thanks Margi

    • The TLD (Top Level Domain) part of the Zoom website address is: .us
      For The Marketing Compass website, the equivalent is:
      The company is American, so this is a clever piece of branding, in that ‘us’ gives you the United States and also the word: us
      Hence ‘zoom us’. 🙂
      No, there is not a uk site, just the American one.

  • Andrew posted an update in the group Group logo of MailChimpMailChimp 2 weeks ago

    Is there an optimum time to wait before re-sending a MailChimp campaign to those who have not opened the original email?

    • I would recommend 3 days, Andy. Most of the opens usually happen quite quickly, i.e. within 2 hours. Then you will see some opens the following day. Human memory retains short term information for 48 hours, which is why I recommend 72 hours (3 days) until you resend to the non-openers. By the way, don’t do this too often as your unsubscribe rate…[Read more]

    • We re-sent the email campaign 4 days after the initial mailing and had a 21% open rate with no unsubscribes – so well worth doing!

    • Well done, Andy. 🙂

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